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Last month, the Boardbox team flew out to Las Vegas to attend the Agenda Show, one of the most diverse lifestyle fashion shows, featuring a handful of brands with skate, surf, and streetwear influence. Boardbox is considered a “buyer” at these types of shows, meaning we pretty much just walk up and down the aisles of booths looking for brands to catch our eye. With high hopes of finding a ton to include in our boxes, we stepped through the trade show doors with our chest out and chins high. However, after trekking through the first few rows of crowded booths, our heads started to lower in disappointment. It seemed as though there weren’t that many skate and surf inspired brands as last year. We started to ask ourselves if the trip to Vegas was even worth it. Aside from the few brands we had already scheduled to meet with before coming, it seemed like that was all we were going to get out of the show. As we made our way down the last row, we spotted something – the top of what looked like an old school VW bus. Could this be? Were we about to find gold? Alas, after some further pushing through crowds with our breath held, we came across thee coolest booth at Agenda; California’s adventure brand – Pura Youth.

Company: Pura Youth
Founded: We were founded in early months of 2016
Who started Pura Youth? Beau Perry & Preston Hearne
What do you all sell? Our brands primary product is our apparel, and what makes us special is our ability to inspire people of all ages to find the youthful spirit and adventure inside themselves and express it through our apparel.
How did you start? Throughout high school, (Preston Hearne) was always inspired and drawn to graphic design. (Beau Perry) Self taught, started to screen print in the early years of 2013. So we decided to put our talents together and create Pura Youth. Our drive to adventure and explore is what inspired the brand.
What’s your mission with the brand?
To inspire people of all ages to find their youthful spirits and express their inner youth wearing our apparel.
Have a favorite product? Our personal favorites are the NEW Winter 17 outwear jackets. 100% waterproof, style + quality, makes for the perfect winter item.
Where do you see Pura Youth in the next 5 years? In 5 years the goal is to provide a wider range of adventure products including camping, hiking, surfing necessities. While encouraging people of all ages to travel and explore, and at the same time maintaining a healthy and family-like work environment.



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